13 beneficial properties of olive oil, which may help fight serious diseases

There are certain things or ingredients that are present in every house – olive oil is surely one of them. There are so many tasty dishes that you can make with it, and there is no wonder why because due to its distinctive taste and smell you can never take it for something else. Not to mention the fact that olive oil is more than affordable these days.

However, not everyone knows that apart from being a part of your favorite dish coconut oil has many more beneficial properties and we are going to talk about them today. Once you learn these 13 tricks, we are sure that your life will never be the same and that is definitely for better.

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#1. Disease

It has been proved that olive oil can fight such chronic diseases as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

#2. Inflammation

Olive oil has the power to deal with inflammation no worse than pills.

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#3. Cardiovascular disease

This is where olive oil comes in handy too, keep it in mind.

#4. Cholesterol

Olive oil can reduce bad cholesterol.

#5. Diabetes

If you wish to suppress your diabetes, you better include olive oil into your diet.

#6. Alzheimer’s disease

It has been said that the consumption of olive oil can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

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#7. Osteoporosis

When your bones become too fragile, you better think about adding some more olive oil to your menu since it has been proved that it is able to restore the thickness of your bones.

#8. Metabolic syndrome

In case you are willing to lower your chances of getting the metabolic syndrome you better stick to a Mediterranean diet which is rich in olive oil.

#9. Digestion

The best way to improve your digestion is to cook with the addition of olive oil.

#10. Skin care

There is no better moisturizer than olive oil, keep it in mind.

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#11. Depression

This one may sound surprising, but it has been said that people who consume olive oil are less likely to fall into depression.

#12. Nervous system

In case you feel like you are on the edge of breaking down you should consider adding some more olive oil to your daily menu.

#13. Cancer

It is also believed that olive oil can prevent some forms of cancer.

credit: freepik

source: betterme.guru

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