Some early sings of unhealthy kidneys

What symptoms show kidney diseases, and why do they occur? Various kidney diseases do not let you know about them for a long time, and only occasionally manifest as periodic back pain. That is why you need to know everything about your kidneys, so that you do not accidentally miss the first symptoms of any kidney disease.

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This is a fact that a person learns very suddenly when they have some sort of kidney disease, as a rule. It becomes unpleasant news, because the person usually believes they are absolutely healthy.

Unfortunately, problems with the kidneys do not immediately make themselves known by some bright characteristic features and a person can live with kidney diseases for years. That is why, if you notice any of these signs, do not ignore them and visit a doctor:

#1. Weakness. Kidneys problems can lead to decreased amount of oxygen in your brain.

#2. Kidney sensitization. This is one of the earliest signs of kidney stones.

#3. Taste of metal in your mouth. Taste of metal, bad smell from your mouth and low appetite are also signs of kidney problems.

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#4. Rash. Kidney problems can cause various rashes on your face and body.

#5. Hard and fast breathing. This can be because of the low amount of oxygen in your blood.

#6. Change of the urine. Any changes in its color or smell should not be ignored.

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When speaking about kidney pain, it is usually not very strong during the initial stages of the kidney disease. It passes after a while by its own, without treatment and without the need to contact a doctor for help

However, if already apparent pain is accompanied by the appearance of blood in the urine, even the most inexperienced person understands that this is a serious reason for immediate medical help. Most often a person has a fever parallel to this.

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