6 moves to target arm fat

People who have accumulated fat on the back or underarms feel embarrassed and unconfident, and avoid wearing clothes that reveal these areas. The problem is that these areas are especially difficult to target and burn fat from.

However, apart from a balanced diet, you can strengthen the muscles and eliminate fat from the back and underarms with some effective and really easy exercises, such as the following:

Bent-over Circular Row

With the knees bent a bit, and the belly muscles engaged while lowering the body,  allow the arms to hang at shoulder height toward the floor. Then, move them together in a counter-clockwise motion toward the left, around and up toward the chest, and then around to the right and down. Do 6 repetitions on the left, and 6 more on the opposite side.

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Snow Angels

Lying on the floor with the belly and face down, extend the arms on the sides, and lift them above the head. The back should be straight, and the feet a bit away from the wall. Lower the arms back in the initial position, and do 10 repetitions.

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Prone Reverse Fly

Start in the same position, and slowly lift the head along with the chest off the ground.  Make sure that the back of the palms is facing up. Then, push through the shoulder blades, and repeat 15 times.

Plank Drops

Start on the forearms and the feet, with the legs wide apart from each other. Push the chest down, squeeze through the shoulder blades and hold for 10 seconds. Do 20 reps.

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The Bird-Dog Exercise

Start on all fours, with the hands aligned with the shoulders, and the knees aligned with the hips. Stretch one arm, and the opposite leg at the same time. Hold for a few seconds,, and repeat with the opposite hand and leg.

Superman Exercise

Start in a lying position, with the face down, the arms over the head. Then, raise them slowly together with the legs off the floor. Do 10 repetitions.

These simple exercises can be done at home, require no equipment, and will take only several minutes daily. After a few weeks, you will be impressed by the results!

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Additionally, you will benefit a lot from the following activities:

  • Swimming- It is a highly beneficial physical activity that will help you relax and burn fat at the same time
  • Dancing – A dance class involves high-intensity movements, so you can lose weight and build muscle mass while having fun.
  • Hiking – If you enjoy the time spent outdoors, use it to sweat and burn the fat on the back and underarms.
  • Biking – Burn calories and get in shape while biking. Also, you will take your time to enjoy the nature around.

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source: healthyfoodexperience 

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