9 methods to discover when people are lying

Truth or lie…what will you choose? People lie all the time. Someone is constantly, someone is rare, but the fact remains that we are all liars. And it should be borne in mind that the more a person is involved in this business, the more difficult is the possibility of his exposure.

Psychologists say that there are a few basic signs in the behavior of a person who is lying to you that allow to determine it. Some signs are very obvious, while others are not quite, however, there are ways how to convict a person that he tells you a lie. You just need to know what to look for. Scroll down to see a list of 9 methods to discover when people are lying.

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#1. Their posture

Well, body language can tell you a lot, guys. People who lie to you will change their body language: they will touch their face, stoop, and shrink to subconsciously protect their body.

#2. Lack of eye contact

Lack of eye contact is one of the main signs of a lie. The person who lies will constantly hide his eyes from you.


#3. The rate of their movement

They will be very calm and slow. No sudden movements…they will speak slowly and keep their facial movements to a minimum. Moreover, this way of behavior indicates a qualified liar, so be careful.

#4. Listen closely to their story

In fact, a lie can be easily exposed, you just need to carefully listen to the story of your interlocutor. Most liars will have inconsistencies in their story. So, keep your eyes and ears open!

#5. Lean in

Make sure that a person crosses his legs away from you, turns his back to you, or puts his hands on the opposite side of you. A liar can also lean to the side or point his feet towards the exit in a room. All these movements are signs of a lie.

#6. Their response

Accusing someone of lying, pay attention to their response. Their reaction will tell you a lot; the liar will not stop at his “true lies” and will continue to say everything in order to protect himself.

#7. They shake their head

It’s very simple, a liar will say “yes” to you, but at the same time he will shake his head “no”. Therefore, you should pay attention to how the liar shakes his head, because this is a potential sign of deceit.

#8. Differences in their behavior

While a person is lying, his behavior can change a lot. For example, a person with a stormy temper will become strangely calm, and a calm person will be on the contrary irritable and loud.

#9. Trust your gut

Sometimes you have to meet with ideal liars, which are very difficult to expose. In these moments, you should listen to your gut, which knows exactly whether they lie to you or not.


source: betterme.guru

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