10 tips on how to look fresh all the time

It seems like some women know the secret to looking beautiful no matter what and no matter where. The thing is that very often we run out of the apartment in a rush without proper care of ourselves of course later in the day we regret it because our look leaves much to be desired – to put it mildly. But then you look at some other women around you – oh, my god – they look flawless all day long! What sorcery is that?

Taking all that into consideration we decided to figure out what are the secrets of those flawless-looking women and we have come up with a set of interesting but pretty simple ideas, and we are going to share them with you right now.

#1. Don’t touch it

Once your hair is done – never ever touch it to fix it or anything else because as a result, you will only ruin it.

#2. Don’t touch it

Pt. 2 The very same goes for your makeup. You put it on – let it be, do not rub your face or anything of the kind during the day.

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#3. Rhythm

You must know your own rhythm and stick to it. If you know that your hair looks best when washed every two days – do not postpone the washing to the third day!

#4. Nail polish

As well as with the hair you need to learn how long your nail polish wear and try not to expect it to wear longer just for you!

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#5. Clothes

Do not try to give a second chance to clothes that do not need it. The white shirt is dirty after you wear it once, period!

#6. The rule of hair and hands

The thing is that in case you are completely out of time – make sure that your hands and hair look marvelous – sometimes that is more than enough.

#7. Makeup

There are certain makeup rules and they exist for a reason. If you try to cheat – beware the outcome.

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#8. Refresh

It is important to refresh your makeup every few hours, but that goes for your primer and blush only, do not touch the eyes!

#9. Perfume

A little bottle of perfume in your purse is a must. As simple as that.

#10. Removal

Very often when we come home, we are too tired to properly take the makeup off – and that is your crucial mistake. Never get too lazy to clean your face of makeup!

credit: freepik

source: betterme.guru

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