These 8 exercises will help you get rid of back fat

There are always parts of the body that need improvements. Losing fat demands a precise strategy, and in order to lose weight you need to work on your entire body.

When we work out, we are generally focusing on the visible parts of the body. That is why we emphasize planks and crunches. But, when it comes to back fat, we simply cannot ignore the muscles on the back. It is not a great view to see folds of fat on the back, but luckily, we can get rid of it by exercising.

In this article we are going to talk about particular exercises that will help you achieve just that.

  1. Cobra pose


To perform this exercise, just lie with you face down, and then place the upper part of your feet on the ground, with your toes extended.

Place the palms beside your torso and while inhaling, lift your upper body. Remember that your stomach and hips should remain on the floor. When you exhale, just lower down and then repeat the process again.

  1. Inverted row


Grasp the bar that is in front of you with a wide grip. Then, while keeping your body straight, pull towards the bar. When returning, make sure that your arms are fully extended and your shoulders are stretched forward.

  1. Push up plus


Get on all four and then get down on the floor. Place your hands in line with the shoulders. To make sure that you are doing this right, imagine that your head, torso, legs and feet all form a straight line. When you are doing this exercise, make sure that you keep your abdominals tucked in. Lower your body until you feel your chest touching the floor.

Stop for a second and then try to return to the initial position as fast as you can. When you return to the initial position, round your upper back and then push it towards the ceiling. Stop for a couple of seconds and then do one more pushup. You need to repeat this exercise as much as you can.

  1. Cable row


This exercise is very efficient and simple. Using a seated station with cable row, sit with your back straightened up and then place your feet against the pad, with your knees slightly bended.

While pulling the cable towards your waist, you need to keep your back straight. Pull the shoulders back and push your chest forward. Then, return until you stretch the shoulders forward, with your arms fully extended.

Remember that in this process, your back needs to be flexed forward but straight.

  1. Double arm upright row

This exercise is performed while standing up. It is very important that you stand with one foot apart. Take a dumbbell and hold it with both hands. Extend your arms downward, placing each dumbbell in the center of your thighs.

While keeping the dumbbells close to your body, extend your elbows outward. Raise the dumbbells and chin level and then return to the initial position.

  1. Pull ups


Grasp the bar with wide grip and then pull your body up, until the neck reaches your hands. Then, lower yourself with your arms and shoulders fully extended and repeat the procedure again.

  1. Seated lateral


Take a dumbbell in both hands and lean forward, making sure that your chest is just a couple of inches from your thighs. You need to keep your palms towards the rear, while holding the dumbbells behind your legs.

When your palms are close to your body, raise them up and lower them down again. When the dumbbells are close to your body, do a 90-degree rotation with your palms. When performing this exercise, you will feel your back stretching. When you get that sensation, return to the initial position and then repeat the whole process.

  1. Pull downs


For this exercise, you need to sit down on the pulldown bar, and pull the bar down to the level of your shoulders. The elbows need to be bent slightly, and the wrists need to be locked. Then, pull the bar in a motion that resembles an arc.

Then, get back to the initial position and repeat the process. It is very important that when you perform this exercise, to always have a straight back.

All these exercises are very good for your upper body. You can implement any one (or all) of them in your workout routine. After some period of time, you will begin to notice that the ugly back fat is slowly fading away.

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