11 ways a lack of iodine can damage the body unless preventive measures are taken

Very often we don’t even notice how our bodies become weaker. The thing is that with the hectic ways of living today there is not that much time left for us to devote to ourselves. But no matter how busy we may be our bodies still have a way of showing that there’s something missing. Are there are some minerals and vitamins that our bodies need, and if one of them is going rogue the whole scheme falls apart.

What do you know about iodine? Obviously, iodine is a mineral, and it is pretty good for our health but what happens if it’s going low? The research shows that if iodine is going down, there are some serious consequences to that. We decided to have a closer look at all the consequences of this deficiency and what can you do in order to prevent it.

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#1 Weight gain

Very often if there is an iodine deficiency in your body, it starts to put on weight. That is why in case you notice that you are gaining weight without a noticeable reason for that, the first thing you should rule out is the iodine deficiency. But you have to make sure that you eat healthily and you work out regularly before jumping to consumption that it is an iodine deficiency that caused your weight gain. There are other things to consider first if you know what we mean.

#2 Weakness

When a person is suffering from iodine deficiency, usually she suffers from general weakness. For example, if it gets difficult for you to pick up things or to do anything for a long time, that means that your energy is low. Low levels of iodine in your system make your body burn fewer calories, and that leads to the absence of energy.

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#3 Fatigue

Feeling tired all the time can also be a sign of iodine deficiency. That is why if you notice a sudden outbreak of fatigue then you should think about checking your iodine level.

#4 Hair loss

There are many reasons why people lose hair and iodine deficiency is surely one of them. Of course, it is natural to lose some hair over the course of years, but if your hair loss starts out of the blue and you cannot find any other reason why it has started, then you should definitely check your iodine levels.

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#5 Dry skin

As a matter of fact, there are many reasons that can contribute to the problem of dry skin. Once you cross out all the other reasons that can cause dry skin and there is no it’s you that you can come up with, think iodine deficiency.

#6 Feeling cold

Of course, we’re not talking about those times when you get inside, and there is winter outside, which makes you feel cold. Iodine deficiency can trigger the feeling of cold even if it is warm around you. That is why if you are constantly feeling cold then you should check your iodine levels straight away.

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#7 Slow heartbeat

Iodine deficiency can easily slow down your heartbeat rate. In case you have noticed anything of the kind, you should better talk to your doctor right away.

#8 Memory issues

The research shows iodine deficiency can influence your memory too. That’s why if you have sudden memory loss issues or difficulty of remembering new things you should better have your iodine levels checked.

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#9 Pregnancy complications

As it turns out pregnant women are usually the victims of iodine deficiency. The thing is that pregnant woman has to get enough of iodine for both of them, for mother herself and the baby. That’s why if you are pregnant you should be careful not to cause any complications and you should monitor the level of iodine carefully.

#10 Menstruation

Women who have an iodine deficiency usually suffer from irregular periods. It is true that there are many things that can influence the regularity of your period, but you should not forget about iodine deficiency.

#11 Swollen neck

One of the most physical signs of iodine deficiency is the swollen neck. That is why if there is any kind of swelling on your neck area you should better head to the doctor’s office and have yourself as well as your iodine levels checked immediately.

Now, we have come to the part where we tell you how to supply your body with iodine. There are many sources of iodine in food that you consume as well as iodine supplements. Foods rich in iodine: seaweed, shrimps, prunes, tuna, etc.

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