7 signs of cervical cancer that should never go unnoticed

When people hear the word “cancer”, they get scared. There is nothing surprising, because this terrible disease takes people’s lives. As we all know, prevention is better than cure, so we would like to discuss with you the topic of cervical cancer. Some women face the problem of cervical cancer, and this kind of cancer can be deadly for them. However, you should know that cervical or cervix cancer can be prevented, and treated if caught early. What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is a cancer arising from the cervix. This kind of cancer is most commonly caused by HPV or the human papillomavirus, which is highly contagious. This virus is an STI (sexually transmitted infection) and comes in many types but only some cause cervical cancer. An HPV infection might go away on its own or could cause abnormal cell growth that may lead to cervical cancer.

At an early stage, there are no symptoms of this disease. However, after a while you can observe various symptoms that will show that something is wrong with you. We want you to be healthy and knowledgeable, so we have prepared a list of 7 symptoms of cervical cancer that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Read and take notes!

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#1. Watery discharge

When the cancer begins to grow inside the cervix, you may experience unusual discharge, because the cells of the uterine wall begin to rid, which produces a watery discharge.

#2. Warts

If you notice small warts (externally or internally), this means that you have HPV, which can significantly increases the chances of cervical cancer.

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#3. Pain or bleeding

Cervical cancer grows on the walls of the cervix, which can dry out and even crack, causing discomfort and bleeding. So, if you experience pain or bleeding, you must immediately consult a doctor.

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#4. Anemia

You should pay attention to factors such as – your eating habits have not changed but you still feel tired; your heart speeds up after normal exertion. These are the symptoms of anemia. The thing is, anemia can be caused by abnormal bleeding, which often accompanies cervical cancer.

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#5. Urinary problems

Women who have cervical cancer are not able to completely empty their bladder. The thing is, the cervix swells, the bladder and kidneys may be compressed, obstructing the passage of urine.

#6. Pain in the legs, hips or back

The swelling cervix compresses internal organs. And your blood vessels may also be compressed, making it difficult for blood to reach the pelvis and legs, causing pain and swelling in the legs and ankles.

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#7. Weight loss

The fact is, cancer decreases and suppresses appetite. The swelling of the cervix can compress the stomach, which can lead to significant weight loss.

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