4 signs of black mold at home and how to get rid of it

Getting rid of mold on the walls is not an easy task. It requires a reasonable approach. You can eliminate signs of the appearance of the fungus, but soon the walls will again become black. Unpleasant appearance and damage to wallpaper, tiles and walls are not the only problems.

Fungus is the causative agent of allergies and infectious diseases. Black mold is the most common phenomenon. Almost always it arises suddenly from the appearance of black spots. The appearance of mold is a slow process. The earlier you join the fight, the more likely you will overcome it.

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Fungus is dangerous for the body. It has an overwhelming effect on immunity. Entered into the body, fungi block the protective function of cells and contribute to the development of infections and viruses. The symptoms of black mold are the following:

#1. Unpleasant smell in your house. It comes especially from the walls.

#2. A lot of black spots on the walls.

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#3. You start having health problems. For example, often headaches, skin irritations or respiratory diseases.

#4. You can notice not only black stains, but also brown, orange or yellow.

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Now, let’s look how to get rid of this unpleasant mold:

#1. Kill it yourself. You need to wear latex gloves and to cover your whole body. Clean the affected area with soap and a brush.

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#2. Apply a good disinfection remedy. It can be the following: grapefruit extract, tea tree oil, white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

#3. Ask for professional treatment with chemicals. This is very effective.

#4. Watch your walls. It is very important to avoid the next appearing of black mold in your house. You need to improve your ventilation system and to reduce humidity.

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Spores of fungi endlessly hover in the air. If there are favorable conditions for their development have been created, black spots will soon appear on the walls. A high level of humidity in the room is the best friend of black mold. Get rid of it as soon as possible and stay healthy.

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