7 Things You Can do to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

A person who has experienced an attack of pain in the lower back at least once knows how unpleasant it is. Usually, after a few days the pain decreases, it gets better, and the person continues to live as he did before, rejoicing that it is possible to forget about unpleasant sensations.

Alas, you can forget about it only for a while. According to statistics, in 50% of cases, back pain occurs again within a year, and in some patients it also transforms into chronic pain. To reduce this risk, you need to act properly the first time you feel pain in your back.

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Any pain is a signal that everything is not all right in the body. Sometimes, a person only needs to change his lifestyle and everything becomes normal, but sometimes he needs to get professional help. Let’s look at seven things that can help you, if you feel pain in your lower back:

#1. Correct body posture

Try to keep your back straight while you are sitting or walking.

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#2. Do physical exercise

A sedentary lifestyle often leads to problems with the back. So, if you want to reduce lower back pain and to tone your muscles, you need to start exercising. Start with a thirty-minute workout two-three times a week and do not forget about warming up before exercising.

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#3. Practice breathing techniques

Breathing exercises can fill your body with oxygen. They are very effective especially when a person is stressed. Just practice slow and fast breathing for five minutes and you will immediately feel better.

#4. Control your weight

Excess weight can often cause back pain. Try to get rid of some pounds to reduce pressure on your back. Combine healthy eating with exercising.

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#5. Avoid smoking

Smoking affects blood circulation. Bad blood circulation can lead to back pain. So, it is better to quit smoking as soon as possible.

#6. Sleep well

A person needs to sleep seven to nine hours every day. If he sleeps less, this can lead to stress and low physical energy. A person should relax back muscles to avoid pain.

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#7. Raise your legs

This simple exercise can improve blood circulation not only in your back, but in the whole body. Raise your legs for at least five minutes and you will feel how it works.

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