Natural ways to increase breast size at home

Every woman wants to have beautiful body. We all want to have slim waist, legs, toned arms and back. In this way we can look attractive, feel confident, and get rid of problems with self-esteem.

However, there are thousands of women all over the world who aren’t satisfied with their breast size. They want to attract attention of the opposite sex and feel confident and attractive. That’s why they are ready to use any possible methods to get what they want.

Luckily today, there are many things that can be really helpful in this case. It is just important to use the most effective ones. Today, we have decided to help you. We are going to talk about natural ways to increase breast size at home. Many women think that the most effective and simple way to increase the size of their breasts is plastic surgery. Yes, this method is really effective. You can get that size which you want.

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However, plastic surgery is extremely expensive. Many women spend thousands dollars to get the body of their dreams due to this method. Moreover, the process itself is rather dangerous and can lead to serious consequences.

The recovery takes a long time and is really painful. That’s why today, more and more women prefer more natural methods that are completely safe for their health. The main point is to choose the most effective ones. At first you should understand what can affect the size you’re your breasts. First of all, it is your body weight. Of course, there are breast muscles. However, your breasts mainly consist of fat tissue. That’s why, when you slim down or put on weight, your breast size changes.

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Your breasts’ size and shape also depends on genetics. However, there are some other factors such as environment or nutrition that can change your inheritance. Your hormones are also responsible for the size of your breasts. Now, when you know what factors that can affect your breast size, it’s time to find out what methods can be helpful, if you want to increase it. Below you will find a list of simple natural ways to increase your breast size.

#1 Massage

Oils will be really helpful if you want to increase the size of your breasts. You just should take 2 teaspoons of olive, fenugreek, soybean or any other oil and massage your breasts for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the procedure regularly in order to get the best results.

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#2 Fenugreek

The method is really simple. You just should consume 500 mg of Fenugreek capsules every day. Do it once a day. They contain phytoestrogens that can help to increase your breast size.

#3 Soy milk

Soy milk is perfect for this situation. It contains high levels of phytoestrogens that will gradually help you to get desirable results. That’s why you should drink at least 1 cup of soy milk every day.

#4 Saw palmetto

This method is also rather simple. You just should consume 500 mg of saw palmetto capsules daily. Do it 2 times a day. It is a rather old and effective method that will help you to make your breasts bigger in a natural way.

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#5 Take some vitamins

We all know that vitamins are essential for our health. However, they can also help to increase the size of your breasts. In this case you need vitamins A, B3, C, and E. They will improve your blood circulation and boost the collagen production in your body. Vitamin C will also help your hormones work properly. However, it is better to eat foods rich in these vitamins instead of taking supplements.

#6 Wild Yam

To prepare this remedy you should take 2 tsp of wild yam root and 1 cup of water. Pour water in the saucepan, add the root and boil for 5-10 minutes. Drink the liquid before it gets cold. You can add some honey to improve the taste. Consume the remedy 2 times a day. This root will not only increase the size of your breasts but will also keep them healthy.

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#7 Solve the problem from inside

Healthy diet is always a great idea, especially, if you want to increase your breast size. There is a list of simple foods, that will stimulate the production of estrogen in your body and in this way lead to breast growth. For example, pomegranates, papayas, dates, cherries, and apples are rich in phytoestrogens. Vegetables, nuts, olives, and avocados will be also helpful in this case.

#8 Physical activity

When it comes to some changes in our body, regular physical exercises are really helpful. This case is not an exception. Proper exercises will help to tone the area around your breasts and make them fuller. Try such exercises as push-ups, wall press, and chair lift, and very soon you’ll see the results.

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So, as you can see, not only plastic surgery is able to help in this situation. Just make some effort and you won’t wait long for the results. So try our tips and you will never regret it!


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