Hair Loss Or Grey Hair? This Magic Treatment Will Combat Hair Loss And Recuperate Your Purely Natural Hair

This powerful veggie has been used as a natural medication since historical times.

We all know that it has wide range of health benefits but only a few know that onion can do wonders to your hair. They actually recover your natural color of the hair and remove the grey hair. Additionally, when you will apply to your scalp, it cultivates hair and strengthens your scalp!

Today we will present you a juice that will remove dandruff from the hair, prevent baldness, deal with bacterial infections, get rid of bacteria and parasitic organisms, improve circulation and give food to hair follicles.

Due to the presence of the compound catalese in its compound, onion serves as a topical cream that works to recuperate the purely natural color of the hair and undo gray hair.

74% of the people who tried this juice experienced substantial hair growth in just 4 weeks according to the study in the Dermatology Journal.

This homemade juice can be prepared in different ways. It can not be stored for a very long time, it is advisable to cook it in smaller amounts!


You should simply peel off the onion, cut in slices and place a in juicer!


Peel the onion and cut in into 4, put it in a blender and mix well! Get rid of unnecessary leftovers and only the clear juice remains.


Grate, peel and cut the onion in half. Grate and filter it to remove the actual remains.


Apply the resulting juice on the affected area, massage it softly in order to stimulate follicles and then let the juice act on your head for 45 min for optimal results!

Wash it off with a lot of water!


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